Dutch Buds Clothing Established in 2017

Dutch Buds Clothing is a unique brand designed for high end cannabis connoisseurs. Each design is cannabis themed and tailored with the utmost quality for our loyal customers! We built this brand with a mission to bring about global change. The trajectory of our nation is changing and we are more than ever divided by race, financial status, religions/political beliefs, sexual identity and more. The beauty of our differences has been forgotten and if we take a closer look, we are all more alike than we are different. We are mothers, fathers, wives, husbands, sons and daughters, but most importantly, we are the human race and share that commonality amongst each other.

I, the owner, am a lover of food, music, art and connecting with other cultures. With this in mind, the name Dutch Buds signifies relationships between individuals. Each person is living their own life and forging their own path, but with respect for those on a different journey. We will actively use our platform to break barriers and showcase cultures/individuals in the positive light and respect should be afforded to everyone. As I’ve journeyed across this vast country, I’ve had amazing opportunities to smoke bowls with great people and can conclude that smoking is a way to unite people and bring about peace.

Our true goal is to not just be another clothing brand but a clothing brand with a greater message of unity, authenticity, class, bold colorful designs and positive messages that have the utmost respect for other cultures and differences.

Thank you – Dutch Buds Clothing LLC